12 Free Movie Websites To Watch Movies Legally


Traditional methods of watching TV are quickly becoming obsolete, thanks to the rise of online TV & movie streaming. On the contrary, cinema theaters and movie streaming sites coexist peacefully. Everyone loves to go watch a much-hyped film on the silver screen that guarantees a communal experience amplified by exemplary effects.

Many of us still resort to downloading torrents from illegal sites whenever we wish to watch a movie online. Unfortunately, there’s little to no benefit of doing this. Most of these Free movie websites publish pirated content that may follow a lawsuit upon downloading. Moreover, even though some of the freshly released movies may be up for grabs, the quality could be extremely shoddy.

These movies that we so dearly love and get excited about taking a lot of hard work and time to make. Not to mention, these movie streaming sites use up a huge chunk of your data which is costlier than watching a movie at a theater but they are more convenient than any other source.

12 Free Movie Streaming Sites Without Sign up

So how do we then get access to the classics or latest movies online without being greeted by DMCA notices? We’ve curated a list of all the free, yet legal movie streaming websites where you can get a passage into the cinema world

1. Snagfilms 

Snagfilms is a great free movie streaming site with more than 10,000 titles to choose from. What’s special about this site is its unique movie categories like “African Movies”, “Faith & Spirituality”, and “Award Winning”. Once you’ve registered using your social media account (Twitter/Facebook/Google+), you’d be able to see what your friends are watching in case you’re confused what to pick.What’s more?

You can watch the content across a range of devices including smartphones (iOS & Android), desktops/laptops, gaming consoles like Xbox 360, and streaming players like Roku.

2. Crackle 

A Sony Pictures Entertainment venture can rarely go wrong! Crackle is Sony’s attempt at online distribution of free movie streaming as well as original web-series. And by virtue of its ownership, users can watch top-liner films, unlike the fillers you see on other so-called free movie website libraries. The content is shown in a pretty high quality albeit interrupted with short ads.

Although it isn’t necessary to create an account to get access to Crackle’s library of movies, it’s highly recommended as the platform recommends movies based on your preferences. Users can even create a ‘watchlist’ to receive browsing history based movie suggestions.

3.  TubiTV

TubiTV, another awesome movie streaming site offers the widest selection of genres including two unique categories – “Not on Netflix” and “Highly Rated on Rotten Tomatoes”, setting itself apart from its competitors. In our opinion, TubiTV is definitely the king of all the free movie streaming sites by virtue of its clean layout, a dynamic interface, and most importantly, a premium feel akin to a subscription-based VOD service.

They even have a movie streaming app that is supported on both, iOS as well as Android, making it more convenient for its users. Although you’ll find plenty of not-so-well-known movies/TV series on this platform, you’ll definitely get to enjoy unusual movie categories such as ‘cult films’ and documentaries that may not be available with other entertainment services.

4. Viewster

Established a decade ago, Viewster is a big hit amongst entertainment seekers, especially anime lovers, across the world. An anime site dominated site that offers Anime to Romance to Classics to LGBT films, Viewster has it all. It offers over 12,000 movie titles including documentaries and Indie flicks. You can also watch TV series like ‘Peep Show’, and ‘Inbetweeners’ but these are mostly Brit shows and Korean drama, something different from the usual series.

The movie streaming is available in as many as 120 countries, unlike some other movie streaming sites. The high point of Viewster is that there’s no need to register to watch any of its content but as with any free movie streaming site, it does insert brief ads.

8. Popcornflix

It is a free movie streaming Site with one of the best user interfaces we’ve ever come across. It’s quite easy to find and watch movies or TV shows without having to create an account. It is owned by Screen Media Ventures and earns revenue through several ads placed in between the content.

Aside from full-length feature films and TV series, popcorn flix’s library also has web series as well as Academy originals.

 6. Hotstar

Hotstar is a completely legal free movie website that is owned by Star India. If you like Star-produced TV series or HBO shows or syndicated movies that often feature on Star channels, this should be your go-to website. Even though the service does have a subscription plan, it allows users to watch some of the content at absolutely no cost. Unlike many other free movie websites featuring fillers, Hotstar has premium content, thanks to its ownership and an agreement with HBO. If you like Indian movies and TV series, this is a great source for streaming media. Moreover, it also has a decent collection of English movies.

However, premium content like ‘Game of Thrones’ can be accessed only upon subscribing. Hotstar does not only have a website but also an app that’s available on iOS as well as Android smartphones.

 7. Classic Cinema Online

One of those movie streaming sites that offers exactly what the name suggests – classic movies. The design has a very retro, Hollywood-y feel to it with 4 category tabs at the top – Movie genres, TV series, Silent films, and a blog section. This movie website is a boon for old as well as new classic movie habitués since its pretty hard to find such movies online.

Some of the well-liked ones include Scrooge, A Christmas Carol, Change of Habit, and The Circus. Note that this is a website-only service and may not work very well on a phone.

8. Moviesfoundonline.com

features full-length movies, short films, documentaries, TV shows, viral videos, and stand-up comedy that are sourced from third-party websites. The home page displays the latest movies at the top and shows an option of selecting movie genres on the right. It also lists the most views and most liked movies on the right, making it easier to select a title.

Since the site itself doesn’t host the content, the video quality might differ. However, it does have a decent collection of HD movies. Be warned that you might not find the most ‘popular’ or ‘blockbuster’ movies on this site but what you will find are critically acclaimed movies as well as classics.

9. Documentaryheaven

Another free movie website with lots of documentaries. As the name implies, documentaryheaven enables users to watch laudable documentaries across a slew of intriguing themes including politics, drugs, environment, globalization, history, massacre, military, assassination, and conspiracy. You can filter content as per their popularity and release date. Once you’ve selected a title, all you have to do is press play to get started.

If you love biopics, docudrama, fact-finding, and informative content, this should be your top pick! If you are looking to watch a movie based on real life incident then do visit this site.

10. Topdocumentaryfilms

Another brilliant documentary movie streaming site, Topdocumentaryfilms features documentaries focusing on different topics from across the globe. The home page displays ‘featured documentaries’, each one showing a brief description, rating, and the year of release. To the right, you’ll find all the categories namely 9/11, Mystery, Crime, Military and War, Science, Sports, etc. Once you pick a title, simply hit the play button to start watching. 

11. Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a non-profit media streaming company whose aim is to provide ‘universal access to all knowledge’. You’ll find hordes of movies, documentaries, and TV series belonging to genres like Comedy, Horror, Drama, and Sci-Fi. Apart from movies, one can also download music and books on this site.

What’s more? Most of the content is totally ad-free so that will save you some of the annoyance that other free sites bring along with them. Having said that, the biggest drawback is that the video quality may not be up to the mark owing to the fact that this is a public domain so anyone is allowed to upload content.

12. YouTube

While most of us watch YouTube for music videos, vlogs, news, and other content, few know about its rich movie library. YouTube is one of the most reliable websites that facilitates free video streaming around the world. As of today, YouTube has more than 7,000 full-length movie titles out of which at least 1000 of them can be viewed free of cost.

13. Yahoo View  (U.S Only)

Yahoo is a joint venture of Yahoo and Hulu. Back in 2016 when Hulu presented itself as premium VOD service, they merged their free plan with Yahoo known to the world as Yahoo view. One can watch all movies, TV shows, Anime, Lots of channels and trailers like before.

Many people live in a dilemma that Hulu free plan doesn’t exist. Yahoo View is the answer to all of their queries. A perfect essence of movie streaming site wrapped with goodies like Anime and TV series.

14. VUDU

Founded back in January 2004, VUDU boast of providing 1000’s of title to its customer. One can buy, rent and watch movies In HD quality. The best part about VUDU is a good collection of movies that are completely free. Yes, you can stream movies that are featured as an ad-supported.

Simply visit their site and check the tab “Movies on Us”. This tab features all the movies that are completely free for everyone. A legit platform with buy, rent option makes it a good movie streaming platform.

15. Spuul |Hindi Movies|

With the highest number of movies produced per year, Bollywood delivers more content than Hollywood. There must be some sacred place on Internet which house that much content for the world to see. Spuul is one such free movie website that promotes the idea of content on demand.

The site targets Bollywood and regional movies. One can rent out individual movies or opt monthly plan. Having said that, you can always check out the free movie catalog.

16. Voot |Bollywood Only|

We have been adding each and every movie streaming site that has enough content to keep you glued to screen. Voot is another such movie site that gives you access to free movies and TV shows. To be more precise, Voot is for Indian audience or people who follow Bollywood content.

Looking into the categories, Voot has the limited option as compared to paid websites. Comparing with its peer like Hotstar, Voot lags quite behind as it doesn’t hold any foreign content.

Ending With

Many people complain about the trust factor while watching movies. The Web is full of scammers and you need to be extra careful while visiting any site. I hope the list of free movie websites we have compiled will help you out in streaming movies online.



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