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The common query of all Netflix newcomers. So, let’s address this query for 4 major countries. Netflix started off as an American VOD service company, catering only to the American audience. The media streaming giant soon went international and expanded its services to other countries starting with Canada.

By the end of last year, Netflix had successfully spread its reach to an eye-popping 190 nations in regions including Latin America, Central America, Caribbean, parts of Asia, parts of Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

While it’s amazing that more people can now enjoy their services, there’s no denying that many countries receive the stepchild treatment. We have gathered the list of Netflix cost of top four countries which have the major Netflix users.

How Much Does Netflix Cost Per Month?

Netflix’s tier of plans is homogenous in nature but the pricing structure varies from one country to another. Several countries, including Canada, have reported a price hike on multiple occasions. Netflix makes these changes quite discretely and regularly. Having said that, the price difference compared to Netflix in the U.S. is very small. Maybe that’s why people still continue to subscribe.

Quite a few conjectures surround this topic. Some experts say that Netflix does this to test people’s willingness to pay a certain amount.

As per other reports, the DVD-rental aspect of Netflix in the U.S. isn’t doing very well and increasing prices in other countries is a strategy to nullify the losses.

Let’s take a quick glance at the Netflix cost services in four of its major markets. We have covered USA, United Kingdom, Canada & Australia.

Netflix Cost In USA

Netflix first came about in the U.S. and launched its monthly subscription plan in 1998. The plans are not very straightforward and mainly differ in terms of video quality and the number of devices one can use to watch the content at the same time.

Thanks to various types of content like anime, Movies, series & original. For anime, you can check the list of anime streaming sites. Leaving all this here’s a break-up of the pricing structure:

Netflix Price in USA

Basic – One can watch all the content at $7.99/month on one screen at a time in 480p (SD).

Standard – At $9.99/month, you get unlimited access to the content that’s viewable in 1080p (HD) on two screens simultaneously.

Premium – By paying $4 extra, i.e. $11.99/month, you can watch your favourite movies or TV series in 4K resolution on 4 screens at a time. However, note that some titles are not available in 4K. You can watch those in HD.

Even though U.S gets the richest content, their plans are sometimes slightly more expensive compared to other countries. Yet, the number of subscribers only keep growing.

Netflix has an intuitive design and has one of the best Apps to watch movies and Series. The high rating on Playstore & App Store is much more than evidence.

Netflix Cost In UK

UK was introduced to Netflix in 2012 at a time when Amazon prime video was already reigning supreme. While the basic plan has more or less remained the same, UK users have suffered a 25% surge in price for the HD plan twice already. Thankfully, these changes are only applicable to new subscribers. Here’s the current pricing:

Netflix Price in UK
EUR0- 6.99/Month
EUR0- 7.49/Month
EUR0- 8.99/Month

Basic – Priced at £6.99/month which is equivalent to $9.

Standard – Priced at £7.49/month which is equivalent to $9.35.

Premium – Priced at £8.99/month which is equivalent to $11.22.

Did you know that Netflix’s total number of subscribers exceeds the entire population of UK? That’s insane, right?

Netflix Price In Canada

Netflix services in Canada is quite similar to that of the U.S. with the only difference being in content variety. It’s no wonder Canadians border-hop to get access to America’s Netflix library. Fortunately or unfortunately, Netflix recently initiated a clampdown on such activities.

Most people believe that Netflix U.S. is better owing to a massive library of movies & Latest TV series titles but in reality, the curation quality of Canadian Netflix is way better. Here are the details about the current plans:

Update: Netflix has increased the Candian Netflix Price with $1 surge. Now basic plan with single screen cost $8.99 that was $7.99 earlier. Check the updated plan below.

Netflix Price in Canada

Even though Netflix hasn’t witnessed a slump in business yet, the company is certainly feeling the heat due to the presence of its competitors – CraveTV and Shomi, in the Canadian region.

Netflix Price In Australia

Australians began enjoying Netflix services as recent as in 2015. It might surprise you to know that a whopping 200,000 Australians had a VPN software installed to get access to the American version of Netflix before the service was launched in Australia.

Netflix Price in Australia
AUD- 8.99/Month
AUD- 11.99/Month
AUD- 14.99/Month

Basic – Costs 8.99 AUD for one month which is approximately 6.75 USD.

Standard – Costs 11.99 AUD for one month which is approximately 9 USD.

Premium Costs 14.99 AUD for one month which is approximately 11.25 USD.

Netflix Cost In India

Netflix is trying hard to cement their position in Indian market. Being one of the largest markets of the world, India has great potential in upcoming years. When converted to dollars, Netflix cost in India is somehow close to other countries.

Netflix Price in India
Rs 500/Month
Rs 650/Month
Rs 800/Month

Closing With

People are often confused with Netflix price. Here, we have covered 4 countries and will definitely try to add more in future. Now as the query “How much Netflix cost” has been answered, its time to opt for best plan and start watching Netflix.


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