ExtraTorrent Proxy: (Ultimate List of 25+ Working Sites)


Every millennial, at least once in their lifetime has used Extratorrents. A statement like this is exaggerated but only to a limited degree. Okay, if you haven’t used a torrent yet, surely, you have heard of it. Many people use Extratorrent Proxy site mostly to download free movies, Softwares with cracked versions as simple as that.

God forbid, if you are a movie freak who hasn’t heard of torrents, this article about Extratorrent Proxy sites will be your holy grail. There are people in this world who live on torrents. Without torrents, the recreational activities of such people may cease to exist.

Surprisingly, although the number of torrent users is somewhere in the millions if not billions; only a very small fraction of these users really understand what a torrent is, how they work and why the society actually needs torrents. Therefore; before we get into anything about ‘torrent-y’; read about the best movies apps present online.

What Is A Torrent?

A torrent simply put, is a file format. All torrent files share the same extension; .torrent. However, they are unique files. Torrents store metadata holding information but not the actual data that’s to be distributed. Here is the technical aspect of torrent files: Click Here

In order to access .torrent files; users need to download BitTorrent software. Such software facilitates the ‘real’ distribution of data, allowing users to download the data straight to their laptop or PC. You may know of some of the popular BitTorrent software like Utorrent and BitTorrent, itself.

How Does A Torrent Work?

When you want to download something, let’s say a TV show; first, you need to download the .torrent file for that particular TV show. If the .torrent file is unavailable or for some reason, not working, using a magnet link can be thought of as an alternative.

The next step is opening the file in a BitTorrent software. Once that’s done, the software searches for ‘seeders’. Seeders are basically other people who are sharing the same file. If the software can find a decent number of seeders through, then the download can take place.

An interesting thing about torrents is that; when you are downloading content using .torrent files, it’s possible that you are downloading small fragments of content singularly which are later on reassembled to make the entire content.

Best ExtraTorrent Proxy Sites You Can Try

1. ExtraTorrent.ch

One of the most popular ExtraTorrent proxy sites, it functions as one of the fastest online proxy sites running as of today. If you are curious, .ch was made available in 1987 just two years after .com.

It is administered by SWITCH IT Services. .ch is ideally connected with Swiz entities and is very popular in China. And as can be seen, it’s being used extensively in the underground world of proxy sites and domain hacks.

2. ExtraTorrent.red

Another popular ExtraTorrent proxy site; it’s very fast and remarkably, it’s still online. The .red domain name is a new domain that’s been designed particularly to set special websites apart from the generic ones. According to the founders, the .red domain should be used to go after what one is passionate about. Seems apt enough, doesn’t it?

3. ExtraTorrent.cd

Many blog articles talking about ExtraTorrent and its proxy sites will redirect you to ExtraTorrent using this domain link. Thus, you can believe that it’s very fast and online. Online, for the time being at least. .cd is the domain code asset for the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In terms of popularity, it’s not extremely popular and maybe that’s the reason why ‘miscellaneous’ sites use it often. Born in 1997, any person in the world can register a .cd domain for a fee which is perhaps the reason why it’s being used the way it is.

4. ExtraTorrent.ag

If you were to head to the Wikipedia page of ExtraTorrent; the link of this proxy site will be given there. It’s one of the fastest Extratorrent proxy sites and as deemed by the owners, it’s the real replacement for the original website. .ag domains are mainly used in German-speaking countries.

5. ExtraTorren.cool

Not very fast but good enough; it’s live and working at least. The .cool domain is easy enough to acquire. Thus, seeing it being used as a domain for an Extratorrent proxy site is not surprising at all.

6. ExtraTorrent.world

Another similar domain name, but this Extratorrent proxy site is much faster than extratorren.cool. Why? Not really sure but it’s very fast and it works that’s all that we should care about.

List of Extratorrent Proxy Sites

Extratorrent Proxy Sites NameSpeed
https://extratorrent.immunicity.stVery Fast
https://extratorrent.bypassed.stVery Fast
https://extratorrent.agVery Fast
https://extratorrents.chVery Fast
https://extratorrent.worldVery Fast
https://extratorrents.unblockall.orgVery Fast
https://extra.unblocked.lolVery Fast
https://extratorrent.cdVery Fast
https://extratorrent.unblocked.stVery Fast
https://extra.cd Normal
https://etproxy.com Normal
http://extratorrent.torrentlist.org/ Normal

The ExtraTorrent Story

If you ever want to download HD movies, games, Softwares or anything torrent related; ET should be the website that you turn to. Once on the website, it’s easy to use. Just type in the name of whatever it is that you want into the search box and then click on ‘search’.

You will be welcomed by a number of links. Click on any link and download the content. The problem with ET is that it promotes torrents and piracy thus, making the governments enemy in many countries. Therefore; in many countries, it has been blocked. But when one loves something so much, it’s hard to let it go. Don’t worry, you don’t have to either.

If ET is blocked in your country, there’s a simple solution. ET has many ‘mirror sites’ or ‘proxy sites’, as you may call them. It’s basically a different website with the same domain name. Owing to its popularity, ET has many proxy sites to its name.

Surely, you won’t need all of them and so, in this article, we shall enlist the 6 best ExtraTorrent proxy sites for you below. Try all; one of them is bound to work. And if even then, it doesn’t don’t worry. As mentioned above, these are just 6 of the best ET proxy sites, search on the internet and you will find nearly 30 such sites and that’s no exaggeration.

Do We Need Torrents? If Yes, Why?

Here’s something important. Downloading certain .torrent files can lead to a case of copyright infringement. Copyright laws protect media from being distributed by anyone other than the owners. Thus, most movies, games, books and TV shows hold copyrights and understandably so.

Therefore, downloading torrents can be considered to be an illegal activity and, that’s exactly why many Extratorrent websites have been banned from the internet. So, from a legal point of view; no, we don’t need torrents. But from a convenience point of view, many torrent users will argue that, yes, we do need torrents. Ask them why? And, they will be like “Why not?”

Going a little deeper into torrents, let’s look at where one can download these .torrent files from. Once upon a time, there were many, many websites where such files could be easily downloaded. As explained above, legality and ethical considerations proved to be a major problem and many of these websites shut down on their own or were made to shut down. That’s when torrenters felt that they were hit with a crisis. One of the worst days for torrenters was 17th May 2017.

It was the day ExtraTorrent was voluntarily shut down by its owners. In 2016, ExtraTorrent became the second largest torrent website in the world. With more than 1 million torrents and nearly 200,000 daily users visiting the website, only PirateBay stood ahead. Like PirateBay, ExtraTorrent or ET was an online platform with content ranging from entertainment media to software. Visitors could visit the website, search for whatever they wanted and download the .torrent file. ET made peer-to-peer file sharing a joy to behold.


Given above are just 6 different ExtraTorrent proxy sites. A real torrent enthusiast will know these domain names by heart. It’s never too late for you. Go ahead, start learning. Once you are done with these, there are approximately 30 more proxy websites that you can learn about if you want to.

Legality is an issue when it comes to using torrents but why should it be? Yes, people have worked hard to create the content and have paid a fee to protect it. We live in a world where ‘karma’ dictates proceedings.

Maybe torrents were born because of the materialistic and exploitative nature of big companies? Or, maybe we will be punished sometime in the future. Regardless, don’t let the guilt dictate you like a plague. Life is too short to worry about trivial details like this.