12 Best Anime Streaming Sites To Watch Anime Online


We as a kid or adult love to watch animes. Nowadays most of the people of the world are familiar with the word anime. This word originated from the word animation. Well known for their colorful graphics and lively characters, they have become very much popular in every nook and corner of the world.  The booming prosperity of anime has made people a diehard follower of them. Like movie free websites, there are lots of anime streaming sites to watch anime online.

The anime can also be viewed in high-definition quality in various free anime websites. The language barrier which is a major impediment in this field is made easier through the dubbing process. On the internet one will find various useful dubbed free anime sites to watch dubbed or subbed anime online.

Free Anime Streaming Sites To Watch Dubbed/Subbed Anime

1. 9Anime.to

Anime Lovers are always in search of Free Anime sites. But there are many low quality and spammed sites which are harmful to them. But one such free site which excels in quality provides loads of Anime content is 9Anime.to. Now you can stream high-quality Anime videos from categories listed like Hot and New, recently added, Most watched, Ongoing, and Newest animes.

Users can watch and can even download any Anime in high quality for free. Simply download and browse upon the Animes you want to watch from the platform.

2. Animelab

animelab content

It is a legal anime website that provides the facility of enjoying much anime in high quality. This website gives an access to the number of anime series that are free in HD quality. The special feature of this website is that it supports HTML 5 and because of that animations can be viewed on mobile phones even.

The only sad part is that at present this anime site is accessible in Newzealand and Australia.

3. Masterani.me

Masterani.me is one of those anime streaming sites that boast of watching and tracking Anime based upon several categories like Recently added, Popular Today, Kids, short Anime etc. You can select any of desired Anime from the list and can get to know information about it.

All the episodes are listed on the websites and if you have missed anyone can particularly watch it or can watch full season as well. Recommendations of several Animes would be provided by the website based on your preferences.

4. Viewster

viewster anime websites

Watch anime online with viewster. It not only allows watching the movies and the television series but also allows finding and searching the trendy anime and Korean dramas. Just by entering the anime name on the search bar, one can take a real pleasure in it. There are lots of anime and anime based movies you can enjoy. A trusted and legal anime streaming site to look for. One can download their app to access all the content on a go.

5. Kissanime.ru

Watching Anime at quality preferred by the user is what an Anime Lover would want. Well, Kissanime.ru is the platform where Anime Lovers can watch Anime online from the vast Anime Library on the platform for free in 240p, 480p, 720p or for that matter even in 1080p. Yes, Users can watch their favorite Animes like Hajimete no Gal, Gamers, Fate/Apocrypha and many more in either Sub or English dubbed for free.

Now no need to have paid subscriptions on Netflix or Hulu to watch Animes as Kissanime.ru, let you watch the Animes for free.

6. Crunchyroll

crunchyroll website

This free anime website provides a one-stop solution to the different anime searched. One of the unique features of this website is that it makes a categorical division. The divisions like latest news, all new drama, all new anime and the forum makes it a lot distinct and prominent from the numerous other websites on the internet.

This official legal anime streaming site streams the anime videos that are highly rated and quite popular among anime fans. It is known to be the ultimate destination for streaming over almost 25,000 episodes having a duration of 15000 hours of the greatest and the latest series of anime.

7. Animestreams.TV

There are not many free Anime sites which provide a vast library of Anime for free at high quality. But Animestreams.Tv is the solution for the same. You can have access to the whole list of Animes from the site divided categorically. Also, you will find English Dubbed as well as Subtitled Animes for better understanding on the platform.

Users can also request Anime on the website and it provides a recommendation to the users to watch particular Animes based on their choices.

8. Yahoo View


This anime website is known to be the online destination for watching anime  It is the best place to both stream and watches the latest episodes of the anime series online and that too for free. One can also enjoy by going beyond for viewing the recaps of the previous episodes. With the newly launched app, one can enjoy the full-length anime videos from different devices like iPad and iPhones.

9. Animeseason.com

Having various Animes based on genres at one platform is quite difficult. But Animeseason lets you watch Anime online based on categories like Sports, Action, Comedy, Romance etc. Users can watch full episodes and seasons, Anime movies for free on the platform. Animes with English subs and Dubbed version are available so that users can even watch the authentic Japanese Animes in their language.

The animeseason does not charge a single penny from users to watch it in High quality. Users can even download few of the Animes and watch it offline.

10. Daisuki

Being a Japanese anime website, it can be accessed globally and focuses on streaming of anime content. This website distributes the Japanese anime all across the world. After installing the Daisuki app, one can easily view the anime series on the platforms of iOS and Android.

It offers some of the best and the newest anime on the internet. The best anime those are streamed here come along with English subtitles and some of them even have other options for the language of the subtitle.

11. Funimation

Users can watch anime online and the episodes of anime drama after registering as this is a paid service. But it does not allow downloading. Moreover, they can view them with English subtitles. Its user-friendly interface helps the viewers in viewing the dramas and anime without any sort of difficulties. With just $5.99 one can have the ocean of anime.

Funimation is a geo-restricted service and may not work in all countries. This won’t be a problem as we have already discussed lots of free anime sites to watch anime for free.

12. Because.moe

Searching anime online

There are lots of search engine that helps users searching movies & TV series. We have seen Ovguide & ShareTV for the same. Because.moe is little different as it’s the only dedicated anime searcher that let users find the title across the web.  The user needs to fill in the search query and boom.

The engine is efficient is finding the paid & free content available for the users across the globe. While the default search result is for US territories, one can easily change the country from the menu available at the top.


The anime shows have not only provided the newer services but are also the major players in the industry. The anime streaming sites mentioned above allows the anime lovers to stream and view the anime episodes on the internet whenever they want to without wasting time and energy. Although most of them are produced in Japan, language is no more a barrier as they are mostly dubbed in all the major languages present throughout the globe.

In this new era, it has become one of the most popular forms of entertainment for the children and with each passing day, its craze gets stronger. In short, they are the Japanese version of cartoons but all anime are not meant for the youngsters. So, do check out the genre if it’s right for your age group and watch anime online with these free anime sites.


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